Cognitive Centre Babakus - using the Babakus
The BABAKUS - for training addition, subtraction, division and multiplication without counting on the fingers
The Babakus displays the number 23455
Click for a short introduction on YouTube to addition
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Counting on a Babakus is simple The Babakus follows a number of simple principles, where students can develop considerably if she trains regularly. Each digit in a number is displayed by moving the cursors to the correct positions. When one adds a number to the original amount, the counting strip intended for addition is used - which ranges from 0 to 9. First the one digit numbers are added together, followed by the two digit numbers. Using the Babakus, the transitions from one digit numbers to two digit numbers, or from tens to hundreds, becomes very simple. The student gets clear visual feedback when performing these actions, and eliminates the need to count on her fingers. Regular training with the Babakus increases the students’ abilities, skill and understanding where numbers and digits are concerned. Sessions with the Babakus follows a few simple principles Always conduct the sessions according to the following steps: 1) Begin with a warm-up consisting of counting from 0 to 100 on the Babakus. 2) The teacher shows the student a few numbers on his Babakus which the student then writes down. 3) The teacher tells the student a few numbers which the student then displays on his Babakus. 4) The teacher describes a few calculations in sequence, which the student follows and calculates on his Babakus. 5) The student receives a few tasks written down on paper, performs the calculations on her Babakus and writes the answers down on the paper. The student also constructs some tasks of her own. 6) The teacher describes a few calculations, the student doing the calculations on a "mental Babakus" in her mind. 7) The sessions ends with the student counting backwards from 100 to 0.