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More information about the BABAKUS - a western-style ABACUS developed by neuropsychologist Björn Adler
The Babakus is easier to use than an abacus The Babakus is adapted to western conditions, and combines the best from eastern mathematical tradition with the western counterpart. Any student - undependent on individual proficiency - can be helped and stimulated by the Babakus. A really skilled student kan internalize the Babakus and count using a mental representation of the counter.
The Babakus is a western-style Abacus which makes the student more proficient at counting. It is very easy to learn. The calculator, which is a hybrid between a slide-ruler and an Abacus, has many advantages: * The method is an important alternative to finger-counting * Counting with the Babacus is working memory efficient * You can practice addition and subtraction * You can mix addition and subtraction in the calculations * One can also work with multiplication and division using the Babacus * It is based on western methods for ease of use * You can work with higher numbers than you would otherwise master * You can work with multiple numbers in a sequence * You practice the positioning system in a simple manner * The transitions from tens, hundreds and thousands is clearly defined and can    be accomplished in a simple manner * This method strengthens visual-spatial abilities * The method gives both visual and sensor motor support * This method strengthens the ability to perceive amounts * It can also work with decimal numbers with ease * You can work with entities such as weight, length and volume with ease           The Babacus is scaled to fit every students proficiency level - the really adapt students perform the calculations on a mental Babacus. When used at the higher levels, the Babacus also strengthens the working memory of the user.        
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