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The Babakus can be used by any student from the age of 6 up to adulthood. It is especially beneficent for students with mathematical difficulties, who have great trouble automatising simple calculations. You only need to be able to count to 10 to use the Babacus calculator. You can buy the Babakus in the App Store
The Babakus is the first app that is designed for students with Dyscalculia
T he   Babakus   is   a   calculator   that   combines   the   best   qualities   of   the   western   slide   ruler   with   those   of   the eastern   Abacus.   It’s   part   of   a   method   for   students   with   dyscalculia   or   math   disability.   You   can   easily   work with   addition,   subtraction,   multiplication   and   division   using   the   Babakus.   Although   the   focus   of   the method   lies   on   those   who   find   it   difficult   to   deal   with   numbers   and   figures,   the   Babakus   is   an   excellent proficiency   training   tool   for   those   adept   at   counting   as   well.   The   method   is   highly   scalable   to   fit   each student’s level of skill and understanding. The Babakus is ranked top 5 iPad apps for Your classroom   >
The Babakus improves even students already proficient at counting The Babakus consists of slide rulers. Each slide ruler comes with an attached, transparent cursor with a blue horizontal line which is used for selecting digits and displaying numbers. The slide rulers are used in conjunction with two counting strips, one for addition and one for subtraction. The same counting strips are used for multiplication and division. The Babakus is of course delivered complete with a comprehensive methodology, divided into seven levels, or phases. At the highest level, the student uses a “mental Babakus”, i.e. she performs the mathematical operations in her mind using an abstract representation of the Babacus. This level of proficiency is obtainable for any student! REVIEWS “The Babakus is one of those wonderful apps every school should have available to students as an alternative method of performing math functions . It should be required introduction to any student who doesn’t seem to ‘get’ the traditional method before they give up on themselves.” > - Tech teacher Jacqui Murray, USA - “I would recommend trying this app if you have a child or young person struggling with understanding basic maths concepts. It is a welcome tool in an area where there are few good interventions.” > - Dr Jonathan Reed, UK -
Babakus for iPad - a counter for students with dyscalculia
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       Possible Classroom Uses: · Use the Babakus as a whole class teaching tool, providing children with a different method for dealing with numbers and completing different types of operations. · Let children explore the Babakus independently or in small groups to support their work within Maths activities. · The Babakus can also be used to support those children with additional needs -